Saturday, October 25, 2014

A moment of a life time - Bear Footin' Bears

I have truly enjoyed every moment of Elderberry.

It all began with drafting the design in the offices with the most awesome people in the world - Meals on Wheels! I enjoyed the process of finding out what they envisioned for their bear and coming up with a design that they liked.

The the work began.
It was back straining work drawing the design onto the bear. I shared a lot of big sighs over the process with Elizabeth who worked in the studio next to me in Art MoB. We had lots of giggles over the amount of sighing that was going on between the 2 of us!!
Elizabeth in the studio beside me sketching out her awesome design!
Drawing on curves is not as easy as you might think.
To having tons of visitors who not only watched my progress but contributed stories of their own like this young visitor who had a long story about why the baby bear should have a name too. The baby bear was dubbed Daisy from here on out.
To the very awesome paints that DecoArts Inc. donated to me! They went onto the fiberglass as smooth as silk!
Painting on curves was another challenge. I wish you could have heard the conversations about this part of the process going on between the 2 studios! We sure did complain a lot!

To the finished bear.
Knowing I would be giving her up soon was a bittersweet moment for me!

To the awesome gentleman at Hills Body Shop who let me come in and fret and fuss over my bear. He treated me with such kindness, letting me inspect Elderberry before under going his poly-coat. They did a superb job!

To the big reveal and to all the people who liked my bear almost as much as I did! If you can't tell by now, I loved my Elderberry!
I love my picture that my sponsors made for me and have it proudly displayed in my hallway for everyone to see!

To the best sponsors ever
I was very blessed to have this group to work with.
They were supportive, kind and generous and made it all a lot of fun!! 

To seeing her displayed on the streets of our downtown. After many years of seeing all the bears, it made my heart swell to know that Elderberry would have her picture taken with the thousands of tourists that annually trek to Hendersonville, NC for the Bearfootin' Bears event!

And to my little friend who I happen to catch hugging the bear during the Chalk It Up! on main street ( which is run by the awesome Barbara Ferngren Hughes from Narnia Studios ). It was awesome to have a picture of her twice! Once in the beginning stages and once when Elderberry and Daisy were finished!!

Down to the crowning moment when my bear auctioned off for $4,000.00!!
I was amazed, surprised and grateful that I was able to raise that kind of money! Here is a slide show of the auction:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Illustration Friday - Puppet

Pigma Micron and Graphic pens
Peerless Watercolors
Clearprint Vellum journal

Meet my little friend ARTie....he likes to make things.
(like friends)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BOO - tiful pumpkin

Recycling some Halloween projects that I made last year over on the Helmar blog today! Would love some of your spooktacular comments over there!!

belated Birthday card

Yeah, I messed up and didn't send my friend her birthday card. I did the Face Book birthday salutations but I know it's not the same and I feel bad! lol
Guilt is a terrible thing.
But on the bright side of things we are having a blog hop!

So I had a little goof the other day and one of my Dylusions ink sprays had been knocked over and it leaked everywhere on my desk. Thankfully nothing important was ruined and for the most part, the spill was soaked up by a paper towel. So waste not, want not...I used it as a flower for my card.

This week is going to be an inspiration-filled, fun-filled festival during our team’s Creatastic Blog Hop.  Join us each day as we share amazing projects created by our Design Team members.   The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team will be sharing projects they create over on their site too.  Both teams will be using Susan K Weckesser Inc products as well as stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop.  
Now, make sure you visit both blogs, because we are going to have some fun prize packages given away each day on both sites.  You need to leave comments each day for a chance to win!  We also encourage you to stop by and become a fan of Susan K Weckesser Facebook Page and The Crafter’s Workshop Facebook Page

Friday, October 17, 2014

Illustration Friday - Octopus in Trouble

For me, the challenge of Illustration Friday is trying to get the images in my Clearprint journal to interact with each other. Since this week's prompt is "trouble", I added a silhouette of a man getting ready too grab his dinner. Calamari anyone?

On the back side is where I drew the man's silhouette with a Sharpie marker.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

tissue box

I signed up ( with a few of my friends ) to get a Krylon Mystery box.
We got 2 cans of Short Cut spray paint ( I got gold and black )
some buttons
 and a small wood crate from Walnut Hollow

In order to participate we agreed to write a blog post and show what we made.
I made a tissue box, very simple and classic.

 I really lucked out color wise as my bedroom is black and gold too :)

I began my lightly sanding inside the handles and then spray painting the box black. I cut out a cover and stapled it on to the top of the box and sprayed it also with the black paint which covered up the staples. This gave me a hinge to open and close my box.

I used the metallic gold spray paint on one of the tan buttons and the burlap to dress them up a bit. I cut circle flowers out of the white fabric and adhered them with Helmar's 450.

And something fun to watch for all the crafters and Pinterest addicts out know who you are....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Wonderful World of Scavenging

Ever find yourself redoing a page from your journal but with a slightly different twist?
Here's a very short slideshow of my first Wizard of Oz page.

I am having so much fun playing with this journal and its prompts!
This page only had an alteration - stripes.
Rummage & Ransack kit

I didn't intend to make another Dorothy page but here's how it came about.
my thought process:
First action - to get out my Pocket Scavenger
Alteration - Make stripes
First thought was to paint stripes and write my journaling on each stripe.
Next thought, was to try and come up with something more unique.
Third thought was to do witches legs. ( stripey leggings )
Even went and got purple and orange paint out of the cabinet.
Sat down and really read what was written on the 2 pages
in front of me.
Can't show one of them to you as I already painted on it, lol
But it was defining what a scavenger is.
Now the fourth thought roaming around in my head began to take shape.
witch = wicked witch of the west = Wizard of Oz
Fifth thought, wasn't Dorothy a true scavenger?
Sixth thought - wasn't the shoes a major focus for an inanimate object?
Sixth thought, I'm doing a Dorothy page again!

The page on the left might be the only page in the book that I don't alter and it fit perfectly with my Dorothy theme too!

Interesting note:
Here's a list of some things you might not have known about the movie.

Time for the Autumn create to live challenge!!

I chose my colors and the stitching stamps from the Grandma's needlepoint stamp set from Susan K. Weckesser's line to create my page.