Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Has your art taught you anything new recently?

I'm more than willing to experiment, although sometimes I have huge regrets but hey, if I learned something then I figure it was a worthwhile investment of my time....and supplies...

And sometimes, my experimenting just causes a whole new set of problems...

If you belong to Gel Press Junkies over on Facebook then you know that I was having some issues with pens not showing up on top of Distress ink backgrounds that I created with my Gel Press® plate. When I set out to sketch my angel I used a ball point pen because I didn't want to ruin any of my other good pens. 
( This was my experimenting with different pens and it was also the start of a brand new problem
So the ball point pens really had the same impact as the Distress inks had...problems covering them up! ( BUT, they did write over the Distress ink, so score!...kinda, lol )You can see the pen marks, and even the paint didn't cover them up, and honestly it was like replacing one problem with another. At least the design of the Distress inks are prettier seeping through the paint than the ball point pen was.

So then I thought I would see if the gelatos would cover the pen marks, which they didn't, but I really do like how well gelatos work over paint...so I thought I would see how well paint goes over gelatos. ( At this point I wasn't even worried about the pen marks, lol Playing had taken over ) So I am liking switching between gelatos and paint so much that I now like the darn piece, pen marks and all...but...

I finally resorted to spraying the piece with a varnish ( which just takes time to let it dry, and I admit I am such an impatient artist ) which then let me come back with another round of gelatos and paint to finish her off, and I really like the results. 

So my lesson I learned? 
Keep going. 
Keep adding.
 Have fun!
And varnish!

What lessons have you learned lately?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

To finish or not to finish? That seems to be a very good question!

What to do when you love a page, or at the very least love what you've got so far but then get stuck? It's my mantra journal so I want something up-lifting but all I can think of are silly things like BOO or GUESS WHO? lol So with my mind in that train of thought I just need to leave it alone until the right thing to say comes along.

And yes, I am a tad bit weird cause I also find pleasure and humor in that it's opposite the UNFINISHED page...lol Maybe this is what it's suppose to be...Maybe it has finished itself for me?

Are you able to leave something unfinished or do you stick it out until it is complete?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Do you find yourself as an artist going through different phases?

This is my art journal page that I made after watching Faber Castell's live streaming show featuring Tiare Smith Woods. I might have added a few things of my own ( like I have to add details for a face, lol ) I enjoy creating in someone else's style occasionally. It's fun to do things that you might not ordinarily do, keeps you fresh that way. You can find the recording of Tiare's show HERE. (Margarita Mix and an Angel)

I added my whimsical angel on this background that I already had created which is a combination of left over acrylic paint brayered onto the paper and then an alcohol ghost print on top of that.


Do you find yourself as an artist going through different phases? Sometimes it's techniques like typography, gel printing, or maybe alcohol ghost printing? I know personally I have been rolling through several of these techniques lately. Or sometimes it's playing with all those techniques but doing it in an art journal.
I must be going through an art journaling phase right now, I can't seem to get enough of it. You can find the techniques to the bee page on the left HERE.

What phase are you going through?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Achohol ghost printing...what do you think?

I posted the background pages that I was creating by spraying my stencils with rubbing alcohol after dripping alcohol inks through them the other day, and now I am making some art journaling pages from them. I am not one to just collect backgrounds although I must say I find this technique so fascinating that they are hard to cover up, but you can see that I used the one on the left side for my page today. It was a little bare towards the bottom and the "un" from unfinished wasn't showing so I just went with "finished". I kept asking myself (as sometimes we do when we are creating something)..."am I finished"? Since the answer seems to be no I just went with that and wrote never in all the little openings.

Giving it a name

And speaking of unfinished....the right side (above) is looking much better with a few more layers of alcohol ghost prints, for lack of a better term that is what I am calling it.

Yeah, "alcohol ghost prints"...I like it, what do you think?
or drunk ghosts....lol
Check out the alcohol ghost prints I made here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Last weekend my friend Tommy Jo and I were out walking around some art galleries, looking and discussing art. When I saw this one I had 2 feelings immediately...
1. It's such angry art, why would someone want to hang this in their home?
2. I could reproduce that in my art journal using my Gel Press®!

So I guess you can say it both repulsed bothered me and intrigued me all at the same time, isn't it wonderful when art does that?

So last night I was looking through all the beautiful backgrounds that I made recently (I made a video but can't share it yet)
and I chose this one to use from my journal.
 I'm not sure why this resonates with me except that "focusing and saying no" seems to be a hot topic right now among many of my friends.

Do you have a hard time saying NO? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cast aside, neglected and forgotten no more!

Ya know, usually I can steer clear of these people enablers, but Mary Beth Shaw from Stencil Girl sucked me in big time. For one, the technique she showed used 2 products that have been sitting on my shelves for a couple of years....YUPO paper and Alcohol Inks. So what did I have to lose? Well, it's now going to cost me more money cause I want to do this..like....every day! lol

I gave the technique a half hearted try yesterday just to see if she was leading me down the rabbit hole, and surprise to me, with my minimal effort it worked! OK, let's now try and really follow her directions, so I got out some YUPO and all 3 alcohol inks I owned plus a new stencil from Artistcellar and gave it my all.

So this is the YUPO paper under the stencil and covered with the alcohol inks. I set it aside to dry under a fan.

After it was dry to the touch I removed the stencil.

WOW! Look what it left behind! Beautiful bright colors and everything looks like it was outlined but I promise you this is untouched. I LOVE it!

Alcohol Ghost printing

Now for me, this part is also exciting. Because I don't want to waste anything I went about to see if I could salvage any of the inks left behind on the stencil. I sprayed the pages in my journal with regular rubbing alcohol. These pages were covered with acrylic paint and I pressed the stencil in between the sheets, and look at all the color that transferred! Totally digging that one on the left!

Excited, that it had worked so well I repeated the process but this time I tried it on untreated paper in my journal...again, WOW! Love BOTH of these!

I'm enjoying this so much, that this time I thought I would take a picture of my process in case someone didn't understand what I was doing because I just knew I had to share! So I snapped a picture of my stencil sandwiched between the next section of papers. I used my brayer to make sure I was getting an even contact between the stencil and the papers.

 Removed the stencil and was only a little bit disappointed. By this time I have used up most of the alcohol inks from one side of the stencil but still got a great print from the other side.

 I set my book upright to let it dry out since I had wet all the pages with alcohol, but I have to admit, it's hard to stop playing with this technique!

In all seriousness, thanks Mary Beth for steering me to this technique and helping me to spend September's art budget
( I've already spent Augusts') lol
Link to Mary Beth's video

Monday, August 15, 2016

I hope they bury me with a paintbrush in my hand

Sooooo...you might have seen a few posts recently where I have been playing with some Distress Inks on top of my Gel Press® plate and well, just LOVING it! I use me 5x7"plate or sometimes the smaller Petite plates just like stamps in my 5½x8" Strathmore journal. And that was the first layer on my page.

Then I painted the stencil ( yes, you read that correctly, "painted the stencil" ) and pressed it down onto the journal page. I went over the image with some paint where it didn't come through as defined like I wanted it to be, and then outlined it to make it stand out.

Next, I dropped some alcohol inks through a flower stencil, let it sit for an hour and then removed it. I need to work on that technique, but I think it has great possibilities.

And lastly is my attempt at typography, I think I will forever be working on that skill but when I think of what my writing looked liked 6 years ago ...well..I can say I have improved, and I can also say I still have room for improvement...lol

I just love this stencil set, Danse Macabre series Artistcellar.  

And yes, I really would be happy buried with a paintbrush in my hand!