Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gel Press™ { Man Projects } Blog Hop

 Please take time to hop through all the great blogs of our designers for inspiration. Go back to the Gel Press™ blog and leave a comment as to which blog gave you the most inspiration!  We will draw a random winner from the comments to win a prize from Gel Press™!!!

I don't know about you but when the lights go out I am automatically scrambling for flashlights or matches! There is nothing more confounding than not being able to find either in an emergency, so my solution is to take a matchbox and stick it to the refrigerator with a magnet! 

1. Re-design your box if necessary
The first thing I did was take apart the outside cover because it wasn't aligned as well as I wanted it to be considering it was going to end up as a small work of art hanging on the side of my fridge. This isn't a step that you might have to take, I'm just very picky. 
2. Select your print
The next step was to measure and cut one of my Gel Press™ prints to cover the wording on the box.

3. Glue on your covers.
I did one for the front and back of the box, which again is a personal preference since the back doesn't show. It is not necessary to do, but something I wanted to do.
4. Attach a magnet to the bottom of the box.
 However, you can also cover the bottom entirely with the magnetic sheet if you wanted to.

5. Decorate the sides of the matchbox.
I also covered the sides of the box in the same  Gel Press™ print, it seemed a shame to waste all that gel print goodness, plus it makes the box nicer to look at from all angles.

I did NOT cover or get anything close to the striking plate and I recommend the same thing.
 **** Please, always put safety first. ****

6. Embellish
The last thing to do is to decorate the cover. 
I chose to do a Rebus:
rebus is an allusional device that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words. 

When you 'Mustache' (must have) light.

But, I also put together some fun puns too if you don't want to do a Rebus...

The pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that suggests two or more meanings.

You light up my life.
Love struck.
We met on
We're a perfect match.
Match made in heaven.
You're hot.
Let's turn up the heat.
Come on baby, light my fire.
I have a burning desire for you.

Blog hop links:
Sandee ( you are here )

Want a bonus chance to win a prize from Gel Press™?  Between now and Father's Day (June 19, 2016) create your own "Just For Him" project and post it on our Facebook page Gel Press Junkies!  Everyone that plays along will be entered in a drawing as well.  Yes, we would love you to use a Gel Press™ in your entry- but you don't have to! Just make a fabulous project featuring Fathers Day and post it!  Maybe you will win a Gel Press™! 
To Qualify for the drawing: 
1) You may enter a maximum of 3 times with individual projects.
2) You must by 18 years old.
3) You must live in the USA.
4) Mentioning other products or other companies in your post disqualifies your project.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why plant natives?

 It is estimated that nearly 25 percent of the 20,000 native plant species in North America are at risk of extinction and 737 native plant species are protected by the Endangered Species Act. 
 Using native plants to restore the landscape or as a substitute for exotic ornamental plantings can help to reverse the trend of species loss. And this has been my goal recently. I admit, it's difficult not to be swayed by the showy exotics that you see but more and more nurseries are starting to offer native plants which makes it a little easier on the average gardener. And that is what I am, an average gardener who just likes pretty things, trying to make the world a little bit better one plant at a time.

 So I decided to make (another, yes I have more than one) plant journal, this one to showcase all my natives that I have been steadily seeking out to put in my flower bed by combining my love of Gel Press™ printing, water-coloring and book binding. You can visit the Gel Press™ blog and/or go see my video I made :)

Advantages of native plants:
  • add beauty to the landscape and preserve our natural heritage
  • provide food and habitat for native wildlife
  • serve as an important genetic resource for future food crops or other plant-derived products
  • help slow down the spread of fire by staying greener longer
  • decrease the amount of water needed for landscape maintenance
  • require very little long-term maintenance if they are properly planted and established
  • produce long root systems to hold soil in place
  • protect water quality by controlling soil erosion and moderating floods and droughts
I picked out one of my pages to enter in the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge

Monday, May 2, 2016


I love my friends and I really love how they become involved with me on my art projects. One of friends' gives me molds and art supplies to help me out with my Creative Paperclay design team because when I joined up with them I had no all! Thank you Jamie for your lovely gifts of inspiration, these little flower push molds have been such a lifesaver, just like you!

Another one of my friends is always there for me to give me design ideas like using DecoArt Crystal Twinkles for the shell of my snail to help doll her up, because she should sparkle just like Tamiko, someone who is always there for me when I need her.

And I could never be where I am without my other faithful friends who are always there, leaving me comments on the designer blogs which really encourage me and make me smile. Thank you Jean, Anne, Pamela and Tamiko for always being there for me.

Please hop over to the Creative Paperclay blog so you can see my Fairy Garden accessories I made, and I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to leave me a comment.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gel Press is "blooming" wonderful!

 Gel Press now has their own Youtube channel so if you are looking for inspiration when getting out your plate to create something you will have hours of inspiration to peruse through. And you can start with mine, lol I used my 6x6 plate to create a first pull and a ghost print pull which I used in making my ATC for Grumbacher's Official Fanpage monthly challenge . ( Enter cause they reward you with prizes for participating! How cool is that? )

I think I love my ghost print pulls more than the first pull, how about you?

Check out my video and please give me "thumbs up" if you liked it remember to subscribe to the Gel Press channel!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gel Press + DecoArt SoSoft = T-shirt

I have Monarch's on the brain, it happens every spring. I begin to think of helping butterflies and other pollinators in my garden so I made a Monarch inspired T-shirt. It was so easy to print on a T-shirt using my Gel Press  and

I hope your fly on over to the Gel Press blog and see how it came out. It would make a great summer project to do with the kids and adults alike!

Friday, April 22, 2016

something different

I've never played with Neon colors before, I have a friend Tamiko who loves bright spunky colors but I have always been a more subdued conservative colorist...but I really enjoyed playing with these juicy eye-popping combinations of color. I think she is rubbing off on me, lol
Sperm Pollination - $125.00

They are by DecoArt and if you haven't tried Neon, then may I make a suggestion?
Try them, you might like them as much as I do now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gel Press Earth Day blog hop

Welcome to the Gel Press Earth Day Blog Hop!  We want to encourage you to reuse and recycle with Gel Press.  Have you thought of making Gel Press Prints on old maps?  What about old Christmas cards or even magazines?  Hop around and see what our designers have come up with for Earth Day.  We will be giving away a prize again for the comments on the Gel Press Blog listing what your favorite project was and why.  We will accept comments from April 20 - April 24.  The winner will be announced April 25th on our FB Page and on Gel Press Junkies FB page!  Good Luck!

I can't wait to see what everyone created!
Here are the links to hop along:
Sandee ( you are here )

Hi everyone! Sandee here today to talk about creating some celestial love for Earth Day with my Gel Press Plates.

This is the finished project.

I began making the "planet prints" after I had played around during the day making some random fun prints and this is what my 8' round plate looked like at the end of the day, and this is what you want to start with, a grungy dried up painted plate!

The first step is to cover the plate with a thick coat of paint.

Cover the plate with a piece of paper and gently press down, not too hard, this print is not what you are going to use. The function of this pull is to remove some of the excess paint.
 It really isn't much to look at but it served it's purpose.

You can now see the 2 layers of paint that's left on the plate better. 
Place a piece of paper over the plate again, but this time press harder!

When you pull off the paper you will get a more dramatic print.

And this is the print after pulling it off the plate. I had played a lot that day with my plate so I made a couple of cool looking planets and I cut them out to use later.

The next step is making a background print for the planet. 
I added some paint on top of my 12x14" Gel Press plate and used my brayer to create swirls. I was going for the glow from the planet kinda look, and then pulled a print from that.

The last step is gluing the planet onto the background and then embellishing it if you want to. I go into a little more detail how I added some details to the mono print to enhance it, and you can also see the other print I made also in this video 

Thanks for looking, and if you’d like more inspiration, you can visit Gel Press on Pinterest or like our Facebook page  Gel Press and our fan group Gel Press Junkies.